Chiara was born in Asti, Italy, in 1994. Since she was little, Chiara has always been interested in photography. After winning her first camera in a school photography competition at age 14, she hasn’t stopped taking pictures or studying in this field.
Chiara has had the great privilege to attend the first Italian university that offered a Master’s Degree focused on architectural photography: the LABA Academy of Brescia. She was awarded her degree, with honours, in September 2019.
Chiara has changed 13 houses and 3 countries in her life. This, she thinks, has helped her see things from a million points of view.
In her free time, Chiara enjoys listening to and playing music, writing poetry, exploring nature around her, and eating good Italian food.
For Chiara, being an architectural photographer means finding the balance and beauty
in the smallest things, especially those details that underpin our urban environment.