Hi there!This is my story

I was born in Asti, Italy, in 1994. Since I was little, I’ve always been interested in photography. Since winning my first camera in a school photography competition at the age of 14, I’ve never stopped taking pictures.

I got my bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Arts in a beautiful town surrounded by mountains. There, my career started. I was living a life full of arts, participating in many exhibitions. In 2016 I moved in England, where I spent more than 8 months working as a barista in the morning and collaborating with a few photography studios in the afternoon. I slowly became more familiar with a second language and having a more open vision of the world around me. After this rich experience, I went back to my country and I have decided to continue my education.

I had the great privilege to enrol in the first Italian university offering a Master’s Degree focused on architectural photography: the LABA Academy of Brescia. In 2019 I graduated with honours. During my university years I worked as a wedding photographer for a studio in Verona and I collaborated with a few companies on various university projects.

In 2019 I moved to Australia and in 2020 my career as a photographer in this country began. I am now collaborating with two big businesses in the architecture photography field and I continue working on my personal business as well.

I am specialised in Architecture, Commercial and Real Estate photography. I also love connecting with people and working on weddings, private events and couple and family photoshoots.

In my life I have changed 14 houses and 3 countries. This helped me see things from a million different prospectives.
In my free time I enjoy listening to and playing music, dedicating time to myself, writing poetry, exploring nature around me, and eating good Italian food.
For me, being a photographer means helping others to find beauty in every little thing.



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